The Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venise

W. Shakespeare

Translated into italian, directed and performed by LUIGI CERRI
Stage direction in co-operation with AUDE VALLET-SANCHEZ
Costume and props TIFENN DESCHAMPS
Musical arrangements ALEXANDRE PASQUIERS

Running time of the show: 1 hour 30 minutes

2013 Tour
Shakespeare International Festival, Yerevan (Armenia)
Keochang International Festival (South Korea)

Festival Solo, Theatre Na Strastnom, Moscow (Russia)
Theatre Gavella, Zagreb (Croatia)

Othello, the Double, the Minotaure...
I imagine Othello in one of the inferno's circles, playing over and over again the absurd plot that drove him into the abysses. I imagine him unravelling with precision the story of his own destruction, in order to understand, and to expiate.
How is it possible that a man who has reached the heights of success ends up by falling so low? He who has suffered so much, and who has finally obtained what all men dream of – love, tenderness and the public recognition of his value... what leads him to destroy his life and his happiness?
Ruled by his demon, by his Double, Othello undertakes a journey into the labyrinth of suspicion and conjecture. He listens to misleading voices, follows them, he lets them corrupt him... and eventually discovers himself as a monster. It's pointless to search elsewhere, the demon is within him.
The tragedy of Othello might be summed up as follows: hell is not other people, it is ourselves. It is the delirium that provokes pain, the harm we inflict on others, and by so doing, on ourselves.

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