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Romulus & Remus

Written, directed and performed by Luigi Cerri

In collaboration with Melanie Schauwecker and Jacqueline Feneyrou

Running time of the show: 45 minutes


One actor tells the timeless tale of two twins who battle to become the first king of Rome. Lecoq-trained performer Luigi Cerri combines physical storytelling, and a razor-sharp text, whilst playing a multitude of characters to bring this resonant myth to life for a contemporary audience…

Romulus and Remus is a story of sibling love, rivalry, and an embittered fight for power that questions fate and destiny.

Meet two identical twins that could not be more dissimilar in personality: one is down to earth, and pragmatic, the other is completely unpredictable. When the throne is up for grabs neither can reach an agreement; very quickly jokes turn to harsh jibes, and the two brothers are soon hurling hurtful and taunting insults at each other. Eventually only one solution remains: they have to fight. The twins choose a dangerous and self destructive course that sends them hurtling towards their inevitable destiny…

Greedy ambition and a grotesque thirst for the glory of the throne create an absurdly ridiculous situation that is both darkly comic and dramatic. Company Avanti invites you to witness an empty space brought to life in full theatrical Technicolor by the skill of one man and his ability to weave a story in gripping fashion. This is a not-to-miss piece of total theatre that successfully reworks the well known myth of Romulus and Remus for a modern audience.

“Romulus and Remus are here, there and everywhere, all at the same time; here is an actor who gives an astounding performance” –[Le Maine Libre]


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